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In my pictures I want to explore another reality, a reality that exists in the shadow of facades. A beautiful emptiness where the true self is exposed and where everything is allowed to exist. A questioning of life; About what's important for real. I want to show the absurdity that can arise if you freeze a moment from any person's life, and thereby also question the norms that set us in a rule box of the time.

It is about how we handle situations, meetings, conflicts, feelings both foreign and familiar. A parallel world where I explore human behavior and her living space, both with and without her involvement. With a melancholy backdrop, I try to contextualize the beauty of the sad, the vulnerable, the mis-matched and lost in the presence of something forbidden, dangerous, shameful and dirty.

You dig where you stand and whether you stand or have moved on, the place leaves deep traces. All people have grooves, more or less overgrown but for some, there are still abyss-like holes that never change. I want to make and shape this consciousness, bring it to life and show the beautiful that is in the shadow of the facade.

Master Photographer & Artist



Malmö, Sweden


+46(0)70-631 69 93


09:00 - 18:00

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Through the years, I have arranged a large number of workshops and courses with different photographic approaches. Common to these is of course the photograph. Sometimes it has been very technical with lighting in the studio or the use of large-format camera and sometimes the image content, interpretation and composition were the most important.


My mentoring is a concept to inspire, challenge and develop people in their photography. By mentoring, I offer my skills, experience, time and network to a person with the will, to aid in their photographic development. The mentoring is personalized and based entirely on the needs of the adept and gives the support he or she needs for the moment. A mentoring enables a customized learning under supervision and with personal support.

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