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I realized early in my photographic career, the benefits of mentoring and have had the good fortunate to have a wide range of great photographers as guides and inspiration through my lifelong journey in photography. I have been able to repay this benefit many times over to upcoming generations of photographers.


Twenty years ago, I felt ready to become a professional photographer and to open a studio. Advertising was the main focus, but also a lot of weddings, portraits and freelancing for newspapers and magazines. Gradually, my career took a different path and I started teaching in photography, it´s technique, analysis and composition.


For the last couple of years, I dedicate my photography as part of my artistic work where I try to show my view of the world, that moment, just as I saw it. Almost everything I do is based on showing the beauty in the rejected and what many consider to be ugly or forbidden. My art depicting the dark and hopefully it takes the viewer through a landscape that leaves a feeling of  beauty and discomfort for a long time.


I prefer to work with my pictures handcrafted in the darkroom and in black and white but I also work digitally and then try to limit the work on the computer to what is practically possible to do in the darkroom. When the image is ready, I integrate it with other forms of expression; graphics, different assemblies or text to create a deeper dimension to the expression I want to convey.


Nowadays, I work together with my wife. She has long experience in theater, acting and brings new dimensions to the creativety. All shoots are based on a script that describes everything that happened until the moment for the picture and there the work begins. It is a dynamic collaboration, a process in which the two art forms converge to greatness.



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Through the years, I have arranged a large number of workshops and courses with different photographic approaches. Common to these is of course the photograph. Sometimes it has been very technical with lighting in the studio or the use of large-format camera and sometimes the image content, interpretation and composition were the most important.


My mentoring is a concept to inspire, challenge and develop people in their photography. By mentoring, I offer my skills, experience, time and network to a person with the will, to aid in their photographic development. The mentoring is personalized and based entirely on the needs of the adept and gives the support he or she needs for the moment. A mentoring enables a customized learning under supervision and with personal support.

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